Ken Starr, Finally Falling

This deserves all the publicizing and re-publicizing possible. I absolutely hated the Clinton impeachment proceedings. From the dawn of day one. Every freakin hypocritical second. Sure, they failed, but the damage was enormous. The Democrats looked wimpy and morally confused. The GOP ripped open a whole new sub-basement of political witch-hunt and proved they could do it again (and they have).

As I’ve noted before, I’d give anything to have the moment Pres. Bill was first asked about his shenanigans, to change his response to “It’s none of your goddamned business.” But, and I sure agree about the 30-years-too-late part, Starr up to his neck in shit is a satisfying development.

P.S.: I also agree that flinging around the “what ‘is’ is.” quote is an early example of the modern type of childish misdirection. Yeah it sounds ridiculous, but the sneaky-peter spin put on it is also ludicrous.

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