Eye Candy Recommendations

The Addison Gallery at Phillips Academy. The “Home” exhibit is quite sharp, with some outstanding individual presentations — such as the photography sequence of a spiffy-suburban Vermont home decorated exactly as the recently deceased owner left it but populated with Hollywood actors in provocative/puzzling scenes, including a heartbreaker with Philip Seymour Hoffman in a car full of flowers:


But the knockout, must-witness show is the retrospective on modern art and early TV, “Revolution of the Eye.” I can’t underscore enough how many captivating items parade past, from all three “Twilight zone” intros to props from the “Ernie Kovacs Show” to a wackysaurus short film “Achoo Mr. Kerroochev” by the avantist Stan VanDerBeek. Check it out — you will be changed.

Also, have to throw out a plug for the now-playing movie,  The Lobster by Lanthimos with a quick two points:

complaining that a film was ineptly promoted is for knuckleheads (read a review fer chrissakes)

highest recommendation for Luis Bunel crazies like me — most Bunellian film I’ve seen in many many years (almost too derivative at some points). Makes the always worthy, if hard-to-accept point that the liberators are usually purists like the oppressors, and just as evil.

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