The Venerable Perdue Tradition of Horrid Advertisements

To my knowledge, I haven’t eaten a Perdue chicken in 40 years and I have no intention of ever doing so again. Fundamentally because the taste and texture are dreadful, but right behind is that the company feels scammy.

I hated the Frank Perdue ads. You were supposed to accept his practiced sincerity because he looked like a chicken. Same way Col. Sanders seemed like a lovable old coot. As I’ve said, America once understood the profound value of advertising-free zones. Ads are anti-classrooms: they teach you how to not-think.

Then came the chicken-farm scandal. (I have problems with this writer’s smug righteousness and reluctance to apologize for journalistic lapses, but this is the most detailed piece I could find quick-like.)

Now we have these new all-better-now chicken farm ads that are just as Perdue clueless as ever. (Feel free to look it up for yourself.) Yeah, the featured birds are not bleeding horror-movie extras, but if you know what a healthy chicken looks like, these are concentration-camp versions. Real appealing, guys.

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