Twenty-Sixteen Dream — a Mixdisc

I don’t do half-year lists, but about every summer I reflect back and can hear a strong current of a style or related styles in releases so far. A couple years ago it was a power-pop thang. This time around I noticed a clear thread of psyche-prog/trip-hop/dreampop among (mostly) youngsters, international even. So with some very fun tinkering, I put together the following playlist (you should be able to do it, too, I believe).

  1. Kikagaku Moyo, “Green Sugar” — from House in the Tall Grass, (Guru Guru Brain) ((how could I not fall for an album on that label?)) This is straight outta SF acid, but nevertheless inventive and fresh. Hard as hell to do anymore. A must for hard ‘n’ moody psyche fans.
  2. Melody Parker, “The Prophet & the Profiteer” — from Archipelago (self-released) (The cheerful doot-dee-doo-doo refrain may not seem like a head trip, but the swirling language and eventual slithery sounds put this in the bag — witty words, too.)
  3. Quilt, “Passersby” — from Plaza (Mexican Beach). I’ve blabbed about these guys before.
  4. The Amazing, “Blair Drager” — from Ambulance (Partisan) There’s a harmony-voices component to this new psyche. Kinda menacing for Swedes. Or is that strange after all?
  5. Mogwai, “Scram” — from Atomic (Rock Action). Set to a BBC documentary on, you know, atom power and its manifestations. I only liked their first couple albums, too.  But the narrative discipline of a soundtrack keeps them from roamin’ in the gloamin’.
  6. Enemy Planes, “Automatic Catatonic” — from Beta Lowdown (Rock the Cause). This is the climax of the “shadowy visions” phase of the program. This bunch is generally more sun-splashed and sexy. Like everybody here, may show up on year-end lists. Or not.
  7. Karsh Kale, “Air” — from Air (Six Degrees). Such a free-finding mix of international beats and ambience that it inspired me to seek out other works by Kale. This is the royalty that I’ve heard. Don’t miss it. (“World” phase of program begins.)
  8. Rick Parker and Li Daiguo”All-Purpose Remedy for Indescribable Emotional Discomfort” — from Free World Music (Eleven2Eleven). What can I say? An Asian-fusion jam with chemistry I haven’t heard before.
  9. Boogarins, “Doce” — from As Plantas Que Curam (Other Music). Brazilian psyche outfit that features sweet ‘n’ strong vocalist Dinho Almeida. This is their 2013 debut rather than current album. An homage to Other Music.
  10. Bareto, “La voz del Sinchi” — from Impredecible (La Calor/World Village) Way beyond the pleasant but not striking Peruvian cumbia updates I heard before. Wow, like a new outfit.
  11. Cass McCombs, Joe Russo & Friends, “Dark Star”  — from Day of the Dead (4AD) Brilliant: returns number to a song-with-vocal format, which, believe it or not, some hippie types always claimed it should be. Less brilliant: echoes Garcia vocal.
  12. “Introduction to Evan”
  13. “Evan,” Little Scream — from Cult Following (Merge). I’m getting fatigued, so I will just say this is a charming example of modern Montreal psyche-pop that’s smart and smart with beats.
  14. Chromatics, “Into the Black” from Kill for Love (101). Haw haw. Or not. Or maybe. It was all a dream.

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