Expert Witness Comment for (Past) Weeks

Plus Sized Dan with Marshall Ruffin and Big Day in a Small Town, Brandy Clark

Songwriting lives, kidz! And rools, too.

The Plus Sized Dan ought to be depressing, frankly, but instead it’s .. bracing, I think is the word I want. And “Plastic Bag in a Tree” is on the year-end best-of automatic don’t hesitate.

Clark does realism like nobody’s business, too. How to keep dignity and face the garbage fire life has become at the same time. Refuse to be the “Girl Next Door” and cope with the routine of “Drinkin’ Smokin’ Cheatin'” and crack a few jokes that stick and bite. The C&W classics were this blunt about work and sometimes life in the sheets, but not about the texture of little-burg activity in general. Near masterpiece, I say.

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