Princeton Record Exchange Scrounge, Part 1

If you don’t know the store, you should. Ace music critic and dear friend Francis Davis and I make it a point to hit the place every time I visit Philly. Here’s a first batch of discoveries with preliminary comments from the latest trip (two listens, top):

Prelude: must be noted that the first entry comes from the ultra low-price section; divided into categories. My favorite: “Cheap Personalities” This was from “Cheap Punk” (oxymoron?)

  1. The Dirtbombs, Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey! (In the Red, 2013) Sad to say, the fun ends immediately after the title. Botched bubblegum-rock covers. Conclusion: One-shot band. (The  mildly charming and inventive 2001 debut Ultraglide in Black which fused rock and soul when it was a retro smooth move.)
  2. Amanaz, Africa (Now Again, 2015). Meh. I have a consistent response to Zamrock — predictably, the flair with electric guitars and jams  far surpasses the skill with vocals or (especially) English lyrics. So this is damaged by four chunks of inert junk. The bright-sun surprise is that the rest rocks fine and the Disc Two “Reverb Mix” elevates a batch of tunes.
  3. Tony Peltier, The Jazz Corps (Pacific Jazz reissue, 1994). Yeah, of course the reason the record exists, basically, is because Roland Kirk was available to take part in the sessions. And the fire comes every time he blows (yes, free-flight flute a highlight). It’s Kirk. Seek this out.

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