Princeton Record Exchange Scrounge, Part 3: Sonic Youth Edition

  1. Sonic Youth, Spinhead Sessions 1986 (Goo)
  2. (Not from Princeton Exchange) Sonic Youth, Made in USA (Soundtrack) (Rhino, 1995)

Some new SY from a prime period around EVOL for a film that barely exists. The Spinhead studio new release features warm-ups (or, really, just unused or refused instrumentals) for the final soundtrack material released by Rhino 10 years after the film sort/kinda came out (pretty much straight to video). These numbers were done at a different studio with supposedly not-too-sympatico producers.

As a certified pop pervert, I should claim I far prefer the Made in USA material (though little or none of it was used in the actual film). It is livelier and more varied – dig the Stones-knockoff finale, “Bachelors in Fur!” — but the ominous atmospherics of Spinhead are a fascinating step on the band’s journey toward beauty and structure. For just one, it’s your choice. Confirmed fans will need both.


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