Welcome to My Air Plant World

I’m in charge of all the greenery around here, indoors and out. And after overestimating myself quite a few years ago and killing off some sensitive indoors types, I now vote for sturdy — succulents on up. Recently realized some glass containers and wall space were going to waste and decided to graduate to a new breed of easy — air plants. Got a good-sized one, similar to this:

Air Plant

The good news: they really do just hang or sit anywhere about — very tolerant of temperature and light sources (alla-time flaming straight sunlight not good, though).

The better news: you don’t have to fertilize them I am told, since doing that sounded like a royal ache in the rump.

The bad news: they’re a lot more hassle to water than I was led to believe. Spraying on a weekly basis does not cut it. Have to be soaked for 40-plus minutes and then dry out for around four hours — the main fatality is moisture rot when when left too wet in container.

But hey, should still be a new fun and I look forward to it producing buds and krazee flowers.


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