Lori McKenna Scores Gold

Medal from me, anyway. Not just the year’s finest “local” release along with Quilt, but a guaranteed Top 20 and probably Top 10. Mesmerized me so much that I drove around aimlessly this morning so I could hear the whole thing for the fourth time. To take just one example, the glorious “We Were Cool” knows that how you feel and perceive youth dreams is as important as their content, though that must be delivered in sharp detail, too. Album presents a problem for a year-end survey, though: I count a half-dozen songs where picking the perfection of one over the other is arbitrary.

Yeah, I think she fits even better with more rock-and-roll sound, but I’m way over any quibbles with Dave Cobb’s production.

The album is The Bird and the Rifle.


One thought on “Lori McKenna Scores Gold

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