P.S. On Dope Hysteria

Amazes me how the flipped-out reactions to legalizing puny ol’ pot have remained the same for as long as I can remember. The only new one is: “Maryjuwanna is 50,000 times stronger than it was back in the ’60s — really will destroy your brain and make you a vegetable!!”

The oldest standbys:

“If you advocate legalizing pot, you’re saying it’s alright for 7-year-olds to get stoned out of their minds!!”

Just. No.

“If you legalize you might as well throw all the drug laws out the window and let people do whatever they want whenever and no consequences!!!”

This is the anti-matter version of a pernicious notion that floated around among druggies from the mid-’60s to the mid -’80s: “The squares lied about pot, so they must have been lying about acid, speed, coke and even smack.” Meth monsters and the disco-coke-crashes overturned that, finally.


One thought on “P.S. On Dope Hysteria

  1. Keeping pot illegal is mostly about money, imo. Even the big beer makers oppose it. I assume the drug kingpins and cartels oppose it. Judges, lawyers jailers, and the clown car of usual suspects also stand to lose greenbacks if pot laws ever catch up with us voters. It had been 27 years between tokes for me. When I retired I got a permit as a med, took two puffs and had to go lay down and listen to the SPA channel on Sirius Radio for a while. But my back felt better after the previous four hours of lawn mowing. Craft beer is more dangerous. It’s why I was feeling the Bern at primary time.

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