Smart Went Beauty

Beauty Pill/Chad Clark recently mentioned on Twitter that Smart Went Crazy’s Con Art was a fine record and that he was part of the sorta-collective membership of the band. I used to get absolutely everything from Ian McCay’s Dischord and Smart Went Crazy rang a bell. So earlier today I excavated in the basement files and thereitwasthereitwas!

I’ve re-played only once, but I remember why I was interested and kept it:

Too many bands associated with hardcore punk featured tuneless hollers because, well, there weren’t any other options. This outfit could sing, with several voices. Excessive declarative recitation, however.

But the words were consistently smart.  I mean, you start out with “I walk on the water when it freezes/That don’t make me Jesus,” this person is going to remember you. Odd heaps of violent imagery, though.

Last, the textures were rich and hardcore-fierce at points. Periods of whamming away at the basic beats and chords showed the group understood their uses and sure as hell belonged on this label.


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