Three Plugs for Salem

1. If at all possible, hustle your buns up to (admittedly hard-as-hell to navigate) Salem MA, hit the Peabody Essex Museum and its outstanding Rodin Transforming Sculpture special exhibit. Best selection I’ve seen outside of Philly. (The performing dancers are an especially inspired touch.)

2. Also at the Peabody Essex, take the Shelter to Showpiece guided tour Which climaxes in the bedroom where this horrendous murder took place. Lemme tell ya, that room has some vibe. The house was considered cursed (the original owner had gone broke) and it sold for half what Capt.White paid for it. (PS: I should note that the [gimme a  break namewise] Chronwinshield family still owns an even more magnificent manor right next to the one where the murder happened. They would probably murder anyone who tried to look through the front windows.)

3. Pretty straightforward from the historic district, take a trip to Willows Park. If yer into such things, the vintage pinballs and amusement-games arcades are a hoot and the clam shack features the finest lobster roll I’ve eaten in Massachusettes (I prefer Maine rolls in general and the finest of all come from Red’s Eats. But the views from Willows Park beat the crap out of the ones around Red’s.) Delightful walking trails. (The ice cream I tried was homemade for sure,but Nothing Special at all.)

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