Stuff in the Air That Came Out of Speakers Today #42

Cranes, Lilies (Dedicated/Arista, 1995)

Cranes, Loved (Dedicated/Arista, 1994)

Cranes, Population Four (Dedicated, 1997)

As often as, well, I can manage any more, I throw on oldies I run across where I can’t remember enough about the sound and sensibility. This is this weekend’s.

An excerpt of singer Alison Shaw ought to appear in the audio dictionary next to “Wispy.” Loved keeps the atmospherics going all the way, though I admit the only lyrics keeper I can detect on a years-later re-listen is “Lilies.” I can also detect more of what Uncle Bob noted as “full of shit.” Population Four is not only skating on thin ice,  it’s headed right for the sell-pile falls.


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