The Single Stupidest Bad Habit I Picked Up as a Kid

I mean, it’s distinctive and frustrating enough I remember doing it as a child.

I’m easily distracted when I’m entering or leaving my place of residence. If I remember some quick task I should do right after I come in or just before I take off, and I’m carrying a book or a CD or any small object I want to take with me, I will set the object on the nearest flat surface and immediately forget where I put it. I’ll do the task and be out in the car or whatever when I think “goddammit, I misplaced the CDs again!” And will have no clue, other than looking in all the obvious places, where to find the items. And more often than not, I’ve set them down in some quite bizarre spot. I sometimes haven’t been able to find them for days and even weeks. If it’s something I’m trying to write about, I can fly into a full-on frenzy.

I’ve developed a “sane spot” in every room where I try to set things down every time. But the “bizarre spot” habit is surprisingly hard to break — not a little because I’m unaware of doing it when it happens.

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