Death OF Venice

When we went there a dozen years ago, this all had been a terrible problem for a long, long time.

We were fortunate enough to spend a lot of most days with a couple of high-school teachers who were native of the city. We got a real tour of the canals in the family motorboat, not some gondola or package-tour rip. They were sad about the population decline and none of their own children elected to live there.

Here are my two favorites of the insider-scoops we got:

  1. Venice seems to pretty much close up after dark unless you go to the casinos or the very few theaters. The serious night life, we found out, is at private parties in palazzos. The two we attended were easily among the most wonderful get-togethers we’ve experienced. Really was like you were living in a movie with literary characters come to life.
  2. Our male host confided in me that when he was growing up in the ’50s, getting his first powered boat was exactly how he could understand teens getting their first shiny Chevy in the United States.

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