“Breakfast Egg” Update, # 2

Working on the breakfast hard-boiled mashed with salsa. Still haven’t found a commercial brand close to the one I was given in CA some months ago. Gonna have to break down and find out the brand, which I resist because I’m afraid it will merely confirm there’s no way I can get ahold of it.

One curious business is that I started research by looking up “Best Salsa” lists on the interwebs and lo — Tostitos finished in the top two or three quite a few times. Really? The Frito-Lay cliche? Hell, maybe I’ve been missing the boat all these years. So I tried it out.

I concluded that Tostitos was a triumph — of marketing. It does well in taste tests because so many people are familiar with it and think it’s what “salsa” should taste like. Very MOR and frankly, requires the added salt from a chip to amount to much of anything. Next.

But I will give Tostitos this — it had more pop than the two samples of in-house Whole Foods salsa I tried. (Actually, the avocado and corn varieties were better, but did not go well with the egg.)

The fancier big-commerce types — Pace, Green Mountain Gringo (ouch!) and Newman’s Own — played it safe by trying to be riffs on Tostitos. The winner of the chain brands was Wegman’s Organic Medium. I could enjoy it regularly. But it’s still more underwhelming than I want and snoozy compared to that CA stuff.

The best find so far is the in-house salsa made by Marty’s Fine Wines, which is also an excellent gourmet shop and deli if you how to be selective. Their salsa is my go-to so far.

But one thing, guys — you gotta stop calling it “José‘s Salsa.”

“Marty’s In House” will be fine.


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