Stuff in the Air That Came Out of Speakers Today #44

Juan Gabriel, Mis Número 1… 40 Aniversario  (Sony Latin, 2014)

I knew the late Juan Gabriel was beyond huge in Mexico and was told long ago that if I ever got the chance, I should seem him live, which would not only explain everything but maybe make me a fan. Unfortunately, never got the chance. So this is my first close listen.

About half of this I enjoy a great deal, about half is too schmaltzy and slow for me, but the big surprise is I that I got a strong sense of how he was “The Elvis Presley of Mexico.” He can sing in all sorts of styles, with a beautiful, striking voice. Now, once Elvis had gotten to me, he could beat down my resistance to the biggest cornball stuff imaginable (not every time, however). I can absolutely hear how Gabriel can do the same thing. But I would need to understand more than the bare basics of Spanish.

Still, very glad to have this and may get more.

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