Weird Head Game Won’t Go Away

As we were scrambling about to prepare for a weekend beach-getaway I felt stressed out and an odd thought came to me: “I’m sick of this getting older and older. It’s inherently depressing. Can I stop now and get younger for a while?”

Then, almost like a spirit speaking to me, came another interior voice: “Okay, but time has to exist. Not you and everybody you know can stop aging. Some category has to keep getting older. Which would you choose?”

My first proposal was: “Everybody I don’t like has to keep getting old.” But that would make me a kind of fiend. A truly unlikable person. Likewise, “Only the two of us stop aging” not only seems too selfish, it would lead, eventually, to a very incomprehensible and lonely world. Right now, the best answer I have is “Everybody but me stops getting older.” That way, I don’t lose any more people I love for the rest of my life.

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