Can’t Torch the Torche

I try to dig into a heap of CDs that I haven’t made up my mind about (you know, one of the ones in the basement that have been sitting around since we moved in almost 10 years ago … the pain, the pain). And I’m determined to be a hard-ear about the ones I can’t remember anything about, like Torche, S/T (Robotic Empire, 2005). After two tracks I’m sure it’s good but I have way too many records like it I would play first.  After five tracks I’m sure I’m just too much of a sucker for Stoner metal. Have to keep.

Did I mention that the BNR Metal Pages are still about the best resource out there? Here’s what he has to say, and like usual I agree.

Oh, wait, not that — try this link instead.

Of course, I proceeded to not keep up after Meanderthal (hoot of a title, right?) Which makes me think I should check out at least one more recent release.

HEY — this picking out vintage items was meant to get rid of CD clutter, not frickin’ add to it!


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