Stuff in the Air That Came Out of Speakers Today #48

Screaming Blue Messiahs, Vision in Blues (Easy Action). Five discs plus a who-cares 7″ vinyl. Includes an unreleased show from Zurich 7th Dec. 1989. Must for fans, the remastering job is very vibrant and clarifying on the studio albums. The live album gets off to a turd-ucken start (“I don’t want my name/On the wall of shame” goes the big refrain — then don’t start a set with this goddamned long, dull number), but then matches every other performance clip I’ve heard by these guys in a captivating mix of punk, rockabilly, power pop, metal, precise guitar racket and junk-culture connoisseur Bill Carter in charge. Then there’s other added live tracks. If you don’t know these guys, Bikini Red is the consensus place to start. Admirers like me need this as well as the Live at the BBC disc.

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