Changes in Beloved Institutions — One a Mixed Bummer, One “Meh”

Amoeba Berkeley to convert jazz section into pot dispensary.

Which is cool in a way and all that, but the reasons it had to happen are flat depressing. Especially since I thought the place was really holding the fort with selections and space the last time I visited.

Carnegie Deli to close at the end of the year.

This one I’m “meh — place was running on the fumes of its name.” Mind you, this is based on a single visit years ago. But my corned-beef sandwich was memorably terrible: stringy, tough and tasteless on too-old rye. And the atmosphere was utter Tourist Trap. (At least the spritz we had in Harry’s Bar was delicious — if way, way overpriced. Yes, I mean the original one in Venice, not the NY copy.)

I did enjoy pointing to the window of the apartment where there was a monstrous murder above the deli.


3 thoughts on “Changes in Beloved Institutions — One a Mixed Bummer, One “Meh”

  1. It’s not just jazz, but also world, country, classical,and vocal. It will all be consolidated in the main store. Their selection has been drying up for the last half a decade. It’s still good, but the one in SF is now better, unfortunately.

    Oh, and thanks for that post about all the record stores that were now gravestones a little while back. I grew up in Fairfield and spent a lot of time in the original Eucalyptus Records.

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