Expert Witness Comment for the Week

In my universe Drive-by Truckers are the current Kings of Rock and Roll. Very diminished royalty, I know — but still not nuthin’.

And I agree about the new Handsome Family. Wanted to like it more than I did. Even so, a keeper of course. “Gold” is indeed a standout.

No more comments section from Nosey Noisy is a slimy shame. If you include all the Expert Witness audience-response sessions, the apocryphal goddamned end of an era.

7 thoughts on “Expert Witness Comment for the Week

  1. I say let’s keep the commentary going on Milo’s blog. You could add comments to this post. He’d appreciate the traffic, I’m sure. And maybe he could make it a point to have an Expert Witness Comment for the Week every week, as often enough he’s been doing already. [posted in “Expert Witness” Facebook group, with link to here]

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    • Which is why I thought this might be a good venue. Comments can come in through a variety of venues and they can be vetted. Unfortunately, people seem to hold grudges against Milo for altercations in the past. I’ve left Facebook for now but I hope people will at least give this place here a try for re-building some kind of community outside of Facebook, until maybe something else comes along. In the meantime, also enjoy Milo’s frequent other-posts.

      • “Unfortunately, people seem to hold grudges against Milo for altercations in the past.”
        See, I would argue that’s an excellent reason to stay fur, fur away.

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