Expert Witness To Go?

I say let’s keep the commentary going on Milo’s blog. You could add comments to this post. He’d appreciate the traffic, I’m sure. And maybe he could make it a point to have an Expert Witness Comment for the Week every week, as often enough he’s been doing already. [posted in “Expert Witness” Facebook group, with link to here]

I’d be open to at least try this. With my usual caveats:

All posters have to use their real names (or at least I have to know what the real name is). I won’t put up even delightful comments if they come from a masked face.

I’m real tight about snark. I’ve been pleased with the tone of the comments on Miles To Go and would insist it continue on any Expert Witness comments extension.

3 thoughts on “Expert Witness To Go?

  1. We’ll see if anything takes. The Noisey comments were a pale shadow of the Clankface-moderated MSN ones. Sometimes there was contentiousness but it was a lively community and I know Bob was proud to have instigated it. High I.Q.s abounded, as they do to a somewhat lesser degree still on Facebook, where contentiousness is quite muted. Only “like” buttons—no thumb-downs.

    • Future Expert Witness Comment of the Week posts I’ll link and mention as a place for further comments, and maybe something will build. That would be fun. But we’ll see. I think what stymied Noisey’s was it didn’t encourage people to go off on tangents. The Facebook group does do that but the comment threads go a bit crazy sometimes. More than I can keep up with anyway.

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