Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad …

Except my big screw-up today is something I almost never do — I ordered the wrong album. The Jean Shepard collection that came has nothing but ’60s and later numbers! (Some look very worthwhile but how in the hell could I purchase a Shepard anthology that doesn’t have “Satisfied Mind” on it. D’OH!)

But did finally corral The Young Philadelphians Live in Tokyo.

Which romps as hard as you might expect — I think the deadpan vocals work and the whole outfit is as comfortable as can be slipping from TSOP to FONK to JAZZIS to OUTTA SPACE. Plus two of my all-time favor guitarists featured. What’s not to love?

And the surprise treat of the month also arrived:

Lou Reed, Waltzing Matilda (Love Has Gone Away).

Probably for Reed devotees like me, which I say because I don’t mind the slightly uneven recording and Lou sounding too bored to sing all the lyrics as he often did in this period and two versions of “Satellite of Love” (both excellent, dammit), “Leave Me Alone,” “Coney Island Baby” (a song that saved my life one summer), and there can never be enough renditions of “Sweet Jane” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll.” I know I’ll end up skipping “I Wanna Be Black” (good try, but a miss, Lou), but I’m tempted to get at least the second volume of this three-set series on Easy Action.

PS: Whoops, except I now see the second volume is no longer available …

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