Red Skull Footnote

Kidz (and not-so-much kidz) may not know that the Red Skull has a very elaborate history. I of course knew nuthin’ when I encountered the character in 1965 and I think this was the first time I realized comics (and Captain America in particular) played a not-trivial role in WWII. Combined that year with the double whammy of Jules Feiffer’s Great Comic Book Heroes.  Anyway, he and Cap go so far back I’m surprised there haven’t been more cartoons showing them on the porch reminiscing at a proverbial Old Folks home.

Of course, Stan Lee had zilch to do with Red’s creation or codification. I would argue that Kirby’s presentation was everything.

Lemme tell ya, this cover was some exciting shit to a 14-year-old in 1966 —red-skull

Kirby PS: the regular comment is that an artist’s worth can be judged by their depiction of hands — Kirby was beyond terrific with that. Consider how much digits have to do with the effect of the Thing and the Hulk.

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