Expert Witness Comment for the Week

I posted about Vieux Kante earlier. And I agree there is something oddly lacking from the last couple Bombinos — don’t hold up to repeated play as well as he did initially. Still amazing at times. The 75 Dollar Bill I will order on vinyl from them, though since it will take a while I hope they don’t run out. The Youssou looks like one of those things I will have to reluctantly skip unless some saint burns me a copy.

6 thoughts on “Expert Witness Comment for the Week

  1. I could burn you a copy, Milo. Email me at to give me your home address, if someone else hasn’t already. But can’t you listen with Youtube? I was about to do that before I discovered it residing on my hard drive, courtesy no doubt of the same “magician” as Xgau’s.

  2. “But can’t you listen with Youtube?”
    Oh, sure. But I have 24/7 worth of music to listen to in media I appreciate. This is a ridiculous period where fans are supposed to geek out and hook up downloads to their main stereos and treasure invisible, immaterial blips in their computers at the same time as they whoop and holler about “The 30th Anniversary, 180,000-gram Vinyl Reissue of “Meh!” by No Big Deal!!!!”

    • I forgot maybe you don’t have your stereo system linked to your computer. But if you are paying for high-speed Internet and if you have an expensive computer maybe you could invest in an extra cable and maybe a decent DAC or maybe an okay bluetooth speaker—to be able to easily listen to Xgau’s pick of the week anyway.

  3. It’s deliberate. As I’ve said, downloads mean nothing to me. I’ve been a collector since I was a small child. If I was a different person, the library and the radio would have been all I needed.

    • That’s cool, Milo. As a pro critic you get promos and you can’t waste your time on downloads. There’s more than enough to listen to with the physical. Makes more sense than me with me never having a cell phone. That said, I just burned my CD of the N’Dour to listen to—second try CDDB and eMusic’s “Not Available In Your Country” agree with tracklist. I’d probably have already listened to it on Youtube if I hadn’t had it on hard drive.
      You want me to burn an extra and send it to you? If you send me your address I won’t drop by your house next time I’m in your area. Don’t worry about that.

      • Thanks, but I’m on a severe reduce-clutter mission (esp. since we vacated the warehouse early this year). Last week, I passed up the chance to check through a superb LP collection of traditional world music, since I’ve taken a vow to buy no more vinyl. Every week I try to dig through the archives and get rid of at least a few items. (This time it was Deltron 3030’s second sci-fi album — pretty weak stuff. I’ve got loads of Atkins.)

        And likewise with the Youssou — if I hear it’s turning up on numerous Top 10 lists, I’ll find some way to get a copy myself.

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