Stuff in the Air That Came Out of Speakers Today #49

Sonny Sharrock, Monkey-Pockie-Boo (Sunspots 2002, reissue of BYG, 1970)

Saw Sharrock perform more than once. Grateful for such radiant memories. He was a shaman who possessed your spirit from the stage — gonna be wild, little scary sometimes, party madness other times, and you will be left exhausted but thrilled. I believe I have every recording he made.

This was his second LP, recorded with a so-so French rhythm section (jazz labels in the states weren’t interested because Miles hadn’t wised them up) and his “singer” wife Linda. She does a Yoko-wail thing which is pret-ty hard to take much of the time, though I think it fits quite fine into the 17-minute “27th Day.”  And “Soon” which she wrote, is her masterpiece — trio is right with her on the same page, Sonny sounds like he’s talking to her and screaming along with her — “soon” everything is coming down.

I never listen to the damn title track where Sonny plays slide whistle.

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