Stuck in Anaheim with the Mordor Blues Again

If you are hanging around Anaheim, CA for business reasons, the attractions, as far as I could tell on this, my first visit since 1964, are:

The Bowers Museum

The Packing District

Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles

and of course, Disneyland

(repeat 14,387 times)

and, you know, Disneyland spin offs.

Since it’s not 1964 any more, I’m not nearly as much into the Mouse Man’s routines, even the accelerated-technology versions. Jeeze, the gigantic hotels and smaller motels and shacks-to-rent try to look like castles ‘n’ shit and have fairy-tale themes. (Biggest missed opportunity: The Little Boy Blue Hotel. C’mon, should have been: The Little Boy Blue Inn.)

I suppose if yer tuned in like so many of the families with wee-uns there, it can seem like what should be the city motto: the Enchanted Kingdom. If yer a misfit malcontent like me, it’s Icky-Poo On a Stick. In the hotel’s “Character Club” gift store, I weakened and thought a “Jack” (from “Nightmare Before Christmas”) top hat might be a fun decoration for my pumpkin on the doorstep. But it was $28 and when I looked it over, cheaply made and even kinda crude. Ghost of Walt, get with it: quality control made the difference with you.

But hey, it does prompt the third installment of this:





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