Expert Witness Comment for the Week

Have ordered the Pat Thomas retrospective and earlier decided I had underrated last year’s release (yeah, the horns are a problem). It will be included on what looks like an easy two-disc International Music Year-End later. Also agree abut Urgent Jumping! and for the 12 zillionth time, Bob articulates a hesitation I could not quite nail down myself:

“Armstrong is a preservationist too deep inside the music to execute the hard choices that hone great best-ofs to the quick. Hence these enjoyable and often striking finds are seldom joyous or scintillating.”

And I will give the second volume of the Zomba Prison Project another listen. I probably didn’t pay enough attention because I thought the first was a  very disheartening example of a record that dared you to not like it because its cause was so righteous, even though it was a hard chore to sit through. The second volume doesn’t need my help. though — I understand it’s going to be featured on 60 Minutes this weekend.

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