Punky-Funky Delight

Yowsah — I combine the top tracks from the two Girl in a Coma side-projects this year — Fea, S/T (Blackheart) and Nina Diaz, The Beat Is Dead (Cosmica) and I got a solid Top 10. But both are highly recommended. Fea is nonstop rowdy and a helluva lot more attuned to activism for this year than most everything out there. The Beat Is Dead features, as you might expect, more rhythm variety and imagery that sparkles on its own. Hell’s belles, they may both wind up in Top 10.

2 thoughts on “Punky-Funky Delight

  1. Milo: I posted this on FB just now — Calling all Coathangers, Childbirth, L-7, and S-K fans. Fea, S/T (Blackheart records). Feminist, lezzie (sp?) punk rock, claims hispanic but sounds very anglo. Loud, ballsy, tuneful as well. Fea is spanish for “ugly girl”. 3 women, 1 guy. Exactly what I want to hear at this moment in time. Exactly! Came from Milo. Almost certainly a Top Ten for the year, maybe more than that once I sort out the details in the lyrics. 4 of 12 tracks produced by Laura Jane Grace. https://mmiles777.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/punky-funky-delight/

    followed by —

    Five times through or so, I’d almost call Fea “The Only Band That Matters”, with all that represents musically, historically and presently.but for now I’ll just say this is the Desaparecidos Connor Oberst intended.

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