The Air Is Still and the Light Is Cool #18: Got the Urge To Write About Chess Records For Some Reason

Chess Rhythm & Roll is up there with the finest boxed sets I own and I think it includes an irresistible selection of lesser-known wonders mixed with the perfect sprinkling of classic hits.

Volume 3 is my stone favorite:

Look Out Mabel

G.L. Crockett / Mel London

G.L. Crockett 2:40
2 The Book of Love

Warren Davis / George Malone / Charles Patrick

The Monotones 2:21
3 Mr. Big Wheel

Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson 2:29
4 Nothin’ Shakin’ (But the Leaves on the Trees)

Cirino Colacrai / Eddie Fontaine / Johnny Gluck / Diane Lampert

Eddie Fontaine 2:56
5 Johnny B. Goode

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry 2:41
6 Say Man

Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley 3:15
7 Everybody Rock (New Orleans Beat)

Jimmy McCracklin

Jimmy McCracklin 2:24
8 I Found My Girl Kents 1:53
9 I’m So Young

W. H. Tyrus Jr. / William “Prez” Tyus

The Students 2:32
10 I Love You So

Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley 2:32
11 You Got Me Whistlin’

Johnny Fuller

Johnny Fuller 2:10
12 Lazy Susan

Dale Hawkins / Aldine Mathis

The Brothers 2:06
13 La-Do-Dada

Dale Hawkins / Stan Lewis

Dale Hawkins 2:35
14 Do You Love Me

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry 2:23
15 Sugaree

Marty Robbins

Rusty York 2:43
16 What Do You Know About Love?

Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley 3:15
17 I Want to Know

Ron Badger / Sugar Pie DeSanto / Robert Geddins

Sugar Pie DeSanto 3:03
18 Anna Macora

Ted Daniel

Oscar Boyd / The Calvaes / Calvanes 2:25
19 This Broken Heart

William Franklin

The Sonics 3:04
20 Um Huh My Baby

Harold Barrage / Willie Dixon

Billy “The Kid” Emerson 2:55
21 This Heart of Mine

Bob Hamilton / Harry Warren

The Falcons 2:57
22 Goin’ Back to Memphis

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons 3:00
23 This Should Go On Forever

J.D. Miller

Rod Bernard 2:46
24 Let It Rock

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry 1:47
25 All I Want Is You

Berry Gordy, Jr. / Smokey Robinson

The Miracles

Take it from me: every number you never heard on this list is the equal of your treasured faves. This ain’t a cheap item, but it is not insane-rarity rip, either. You know what to do.

2 thoughts on “The Air Is Still and the Light Is Cool #18: Got the Urge To Write About Chess Records For Some Reason

  1. Milo, have you heard the version of This Broken Heart on Funkadelic’s Cosmic Slop Lp? I love it; though it’s quite different than the Sonic’s version, I think it’s true to the feel of the original yet with a completely “delic” vibe. BTW, it’s actually United Soul (somewhat of a Funkadelic offshoot) performing that version; George needed an extra track and US had broken up by then and their record wasn’t going to be released so he filled out the Slop album with it. The US material was subsequently released by Westbound a few years back; the version on that disc is the same track with an extended vocal coda.

    • Yes indeed. I discovered P-Funk in 1972 and proceeded to snatch up everything I ran across (which vastly increased after the move back East). I prefer the Cosmic Slop version to the US Music one, which I find kinda lightweight except for “Rat Kiss the Cat on the Navel.”

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