The Joy of Pea Tendrils

I have developed a bad, gouty reaction to spinach over the last 20 years (you would be surprised how many salads neglect to mention they include spinach in “tender greens” or some such). I’m sure it’s better now that I’m slimmer, but, as with bison replacing beef, I’ve found I’m more fond of my no-problems replacement for spinach — pea tendrils.

They are not the easiest veggie to find, but they can be tracked down all year even in NE (the fresh local ones from Hmong farmers’ market folks are the most incredible). For right now I would encourage people to seek them out and try them —

Here’s a good introductory site with information as much as recipes.

Be careful, they can be strong-tasting. But if they are bitter, the source is no good — lets them get too old.

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