R.I. (Waitaminnit): Mose Allison

Rather snarled impressions of Mose. Converted a girlfriend in the mid-’70s with Your Mind Is On Vacation (Milton Glasper cover, which I also praised). Then made huge effort to see a show not long after I moved to Boston and could ill afford the ticket. And the performance was as mailed-in as any I’ve seen. Gggrrrrr.

Wrote him off as an exploitative has-been.

But I have not heard late-period Bob Xgau favorite The Way of the World, so will wait to write the finale until I have.

One thought on “R.I. (Waitaminnit): Mose Allison

  1. Wanted to leave a thanks and a reply here, Mongo very much enjoy the Fea album you repped a while ago. Takes awhile for stuff to filter into Mongo’s safe enclave away from all of those red hatted freaks.

    Mose, Merle, Leon, Prince, Leonard, etc… who’s or what’s next? Don’t answer that.

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