Peter Stampfel Weaves the World Together [A/K/A Expert Witness Comment]

Picked up Peter Stampfel, Holiday for Strings (Don Giovanni) in a real record store yesterday. (One of my oldest faves — Newbury Comics in its original location on that street — though things have come full circle and it’s more about comics than music again.) And it’s a winner all the way — a lesson in how to fight through blows and setback and shifts that no one can imagine. Lou Reed cover. One of the most delightful liner-note errors of all time (“1914” instead of “2014” — but Stampfel would be the same guy no matter what century). Pulls together threads of my life.

“Telstar” (a cheesy, but still-wowser cover version) was on the first LP played on the first stereo in my parents’ house.

Have Moicy! was one of the first records I played constantly and insistently even if nobody had ever heard of anybody on it and went “what IS this shit?” when they first heard it. I persisted and lot of people came around. Even a couple folks who plainly thought I was nothing more than an oddball dweeb eventually concluded — “you know Miles, that’s a damn cool record.”

2 thoughts on “Peter Stampfel Weaves the World Together [A/K/A Expert Witness Comment]

  1. Have Moicy! was and is one of my all time favorite albums. Have carried it to Central and South America, and wish Jeffrey Fredericks had had a more productive career. Hats off to Peter, and Michael Hurley. It certainly has been a long journey.

    • Yeah, I long wondered what happened to Frederick’s career — it wasn’t until a couple years ago I found out about the dreadful head injury he got when he was only 46.

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