Gambling — Never Tempted

Maybe it’s because I’m really bad at cards — Tarot and solitaire are the only outlets I’ve ever enjoyed much. But my mother was a big fan of bridge and even as a near-tot I could sense it was at bottom a “who’s a hot shit” contest. If you’re cursed with the delusion that you are gifted at gambling — and it’s pushed on you as relentlessly as it is in Australia — then the high of winning might take hold. Hey, I enjoyed the rare times I won hard-fought card games. But even then I considered it an utterly empty high. And Nevada shows it’s a disgusting political force that takes the most from those least able to afford it. I’ve resolved on principle to never play another slot machine in my life.

One thought on “Gambling — Never Tempted

  1. Slots are no fun. I read a bunch of books on blackjack, trained myself in basic strategy for 6 deck shoe, even tried to keep a simple plus/minus count with some slower dealers. It’s got to be for entertainment only. Las Vegas was built on hunches! Drink orders come flying in a hurry, but I usually made it water or coffee. I did okay overall, but you’ve got to be one in 100,000 to count and know what to do and when with a hot deck (lots of paint). Now I’m into no-limit online hold-em for NO money. If I tried it at trainer-wheel level at, say, The Flamingo, other players would probably read me like nothing, knowing I had two queens just by the way my nostrils might flare.

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