A Plug for “Jess”

This is my favorite collection by the late, wondrous collage-and-more artist:

Comic book fans HAVE to see the “Tricky Cad” items. I think a clear influence on early, experimental Art Spiegelman. Probably not an ideal introduction to Jess — my pick for that would be Jess — A Grand Collage 1951-1993 (crap — I see it’s now an out-of-print rarity).

2 thoughts on “A Plug for “Jess”

  1. I actually ordered this book on a whim yesterday, but didn’t see your plug until today. Oddly, after the order I ended up browsing the Real Life Rock collection, and saw that Marcus also recommended this collection. Looking forward to reading a complete “Tricky Cad” – have only seen excerpts.

    • “Dick Tracy” is an extremely strange newspaper comic. The freaky villains, the increasingly intense sadism, the beyond-odd cadence of the panel-to-panel narrative. And this all sprung from a kinda- ho-hum ’30s cop strip.

      That’s what the alert minds picked up on. Slices of America going mad.

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