2nd Most Prophetic Album of the Year?

Of course, Real Enemies by Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society is Prophetic Album of the Year (if not the next four years), but I hadn’t listened to Paul Simon’s Stranger to Stranger since last summer and was floored by how much its uneasy mood hit the current moment (caramba, this guy’s been nailing the target of the times since he silenced sound when I was in high school!!). Just consider how eerie this is if you simply change the gender of the Werewolf. And gotta say, “Insomniac’s Lullaby” makes the spot-on bookend.

4 thoughts on “2nd Most Prophetic Album of the Year?

  1. Talking about prophetic songs. Have been listening to Creedence since Trump’s election. Those magnificent songs still resonate for our troubled times. Take your pick: Sinister Purpose, Bad Moon Rising, Tombstone Shadow, Don’t Look Now, Fortunate Son and I could go on.

  2. They seem really dated to me. I interviewed Fogerty in one of my most interesting encounters and he was consumed by resentment toward his (certainly hateful) former record-label owner. Prevented him from going forward.

    • Quite the opposite for me. Creedence still seem as timeless for me as his great fifties inspirations. I agree that Fogerty was never the same as a solo artist due to the reasons you explained although I loved his Blue Ridge Rangers project in 1973. Do you still have a record of the Fogerty interview available?

      • No — a Boston Phoenix special and apparently not archived anywhere. Though it was a 1986 group interview and I see the Boston Globe version is readily available. (Grumble.)

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