Three Marvels of “Dr. Strange” Movie

High quality acting that finds the right pitch, not pompous or cartoonish, but like doing a slightly wacky summer-theater production that keeps moving and entertaining the audience with characters plus tech marvels (reminded me of the “Dog in the Night-Time” production we saw off-Broadway last year).

Hits exactly the right degree of fidelity to the original stories and artwork (I even thought the added love-interest was aces). Here’s a quite well-done comparison of the early comics and the film. Single most brilliant stroke: fixing up the yuckaroo problems of the Ancient One and Wong with utterly different solutions.

Got me to enjoy a superhero movie — or even want to see one — in about a decade. The downside is that I may not want to part with my original Dr. Strange comics. The upside — since I reminded myself that Steve Ditko did do the original encounter with Thor and Loki — we may wanna hit the sequel.

PS: Gawd there’s a lotta movies based on comic books or Disney-related stuff these days! Trailers lasted ages.

PPS: I’ve been enlightened that there’s no real Ditko vs. Lee conflict with Dr. Strange like Lee vs. Kirby on other issues (and even Ditko vs. Lee on Spider-Man) and so the Stan Lee cameo is quite a hoot, esp. given his reading matter on the bus.

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