Creepy Aliens Again

It’s the third review here that I’m really linking to. I’m not surprised that the general course of this book is toward the pitiful and depressing (and pretty damned morbid, too). But even worse is that paranoia and anti-science conspiracy theories remain not only potent but increasingly powerful factors in the information age.

About 25 years ago, I regularly reviewed popular science books and wrote about pseudo-science and what I foolishly thought would be its steady decline. As a kid, I half-believed in sea monsters and bigfoot and whatever because I simply didn’t know enough facts. It became obvious: hey, the extinct sea-going giant lizards were more fun than any sea monster fantasy.

But for entirely too many folks, it doesn’t work that way. Their paranormal obsessions aren’t fact-based, they’re faith-based. Socially, and especially politically, there’s worse things to believe in than alien cattle mutilations.But it’s all on a spectrum of willed human delusions that I’m very sad to see re-affirmed over and over in my lifetime.

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