New Brazilian Album and Newly Discovered “Brazilian” Album of 2016

New: Luisa Maita, fiodamemoria (Cumbancha)

I’m zapped every time I play this, and am sorry that I did not do a formal review of it — but I can understand why I did not. I can’t quite articulate what’s wonderful about it. Gonna fall back on an old term of praise: fiodamemoria is Fresh.Not so much sexy as sensuous with electronics and bass lines I haven’t heard before. A trip I go on without words — the English translations suggest little more than enigmatic scribbles much of the time — because I feel and understand Maita on a trans-language level. Sure, that is a limitation (Marisa Monte enhances her glow with lovely lyrics), but I dare you to resist this on that basis.

Newly Discovered: Various, El Justiciero, Cha Cha Cha: Tribute to Os Mutantes (Nacional, 2010)

The trick here is that this tribute album to a Brazilian band is done by all non-Brazilian outfits from (mostly) Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Columbia and Spain. I have everything the original Os Mutantes recorded (Rita Lee is a must in the mix) and if you’re like me this is a chance to hear a retold tale of their trajectory. The generous program (18 cuts!) starts a shade shaky but grows stronger climaxing with the gorgeous “Fuga No. II” by Ana Prada. (Whose work I had not heard before — will remedy that in a few days.)

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