Far From a Sure Thing This Year —

In the past, I’ve always found cleaning and arranging our sun room to accommodate a Xmas tree a quietly thrilling, even, er, joyous task. Never do it on a bad-weather day. Make sure to play some glorious classic I haven’t heard in a long while (this year: The Wailers, Catch a Fire (Deluxe Edition) — unqualified recommendation, of course — I’d forgotten how much “Baby We’ve Got a Date (Rock It Baby)” was a throwback to ’50s teen rock or how strange and haunting “Midnight Ravers” is — still not entirely sure what it’s about, other than a stoned-out vision).

Every moment has less tingle and more anxiety right now, but I found the holiday prep calmed my mind and I felt happy, even a bit creative. Holiday rituals — more invincible than I feared.

4 thoughts on “Far From a Sure Thing This Year —

  1. Too much! I listened to the same deluxe Wailers “Catch A Fire” release (the stunning Jamaican mixes, without the overdubs meant to placate UK and US listeners) last weekend while cleaning house for the holidays.

    Love it when the planets and stars are aligned that way…

    • I love both versions and think they belong together for compare-and-contrast. The overdub version sounds richer and has a better song sequence. The original has more rhythm pulse and doesn’t downplay the “other” Wailers as much.

      • Agreed–both versions are worthy (it’s my favorite Wailers and Bob release, “Natty Dread” a close second) and the A/B comparison is kinda thrilling. Later that day I listened to much of “Live at the Roxy”, I saw that show in Minneapolis ten days prior to the live recording in LA.

        Love your blog! Happy holidays!

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