How I Got Harvey Kurtzman Wrong

I tried to make up for decades of underrating him by doing a “Fresh Air” review of his biography. Now, in the latest bad joke in this banner year for bad jokes, the final, long-lost Kurtzman work has been reissued by Kitchen Sink Press — the original magazine was sponsored by Hugh Hefner and only lasted two issues and was called … wait for it … Trump.

It’s hard to explain now how impossible it was to find stuff like Trump once it was gone from the magazine stands. Kitchen Sink has done a first-rate job of reprinting all the published work and even the unfinished fragments that were to appear in the third issue.

So I’m working my way through it. Jack Davis’s magnificent satire “Rin Tin Tin Rin Tin” is highly recommended to Susan Orlean, if only because Davis draws the most outrageously perfect “psycho” dog imaginable. (Can’t seem to find even a single panel of the art on line. Damnation.)


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