Is the Absurd Always Funny? That’s Absurd!

I’m getting a sense that there’s a rash of new animations that throw repeating characters (with too-flexible personalities) into bizarre, absurd, surreal situations that they try to play for laffs. The earliest example I noticed was “Pig Goat Banana Cricket”


But I’ve noticed at least a couple others since. Not funny enough for me, mostly. Stronger comedy is driven by character, not zany, what-the-hell’s-next situations.

PS: Aha! I see one of the co-creators is Johnny Ryan who was unavoidable in comics-world around here 20 years ago because he was supposed to be so indie and cutting edge. What a disappointment. A completely mechanical and flattened re-tread of Underground Outrage. Oh, well — at least the animated MAD was better than anybody had a right to expect. File this next to the Fritz the Cat movie.

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