Quick Psychological Footnote To “Birthday Weekend Soundtrack”

I have a vivid memory of first hearing that Parliament LP at a place and time when I could not possibly have heard it. But it’s not like a fantasy — it’s as solid in place as any other memory from back then. Even though I know it’s impossible. Like a little dollop of separate reality. I would have to argue that it did “happen,” in some sense.

2 thoughts on “Quick Psychological Footnote To “Birthday Weekend Soundtrack”

  1. I read about a case where a number of people, I think in the DC or Baltimore area, swore they saw Zeppelin in 1969 at a small venue, but there’s no record–nor recollection by anyone who worked there–that this happened.

  2. The false-memory phenomenon is fascinating:
    I first ran across them way back when I was writing about belief in UFOs — for a certain percentage of the believers (small but real), no matter the source of the original Close Encounter (nighttime hallucination or whatever), they came to be certain that the events actually happened to them. These were the folks most viscerally insulted by contentions that their experiences could not be real.

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