How We Should Submit, According To Women Trump Voters

“Instead of saying we need to educate people on how to behave when they’re being pulled over by the police.”

Yes sir, whatever you say, sir.

“If I turned down every candidate who objectified women, I’d vote for no one”

So go for the one who does it the most.

“You get through the bad and you focus on the good.”

You know, like Hitler was nice to dogs — so I’m told.

“I went to Minnesota and I had a Somali cabdriver who lectured me for 35 minutes to the airport about how women in America have too much freedom. My thought process on that is that I don’t like seeing people going through the hardship they go through, but I don’t want to go backwards in the feminist movement, either.”

Organizing your thoughts is the first requirement for making decisions. Call me when you learn Lesson One.

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