Killer Jokes

I’m up and down on Emily Nussbaum (to put it mildly), but she nails crucial points here.

I have a Cartman magnet on the fridge and I loved “South Park” for the first few years. But I haven’t watched it in a long, long time and see no reason to start. Nussbaum identifies the deep-seated problems with the show: first, it’s too damn sexist (ever since Mary Kay Bergman offed herself in 1999, all the female characters have been props), but more important, it only frees the mind and soul up to a point. Like a lot of libertarian knuckleheadedness, it assumes it will never actually have to run things — Hillary will win, of course. But things don’t always go that way and Parker and Stone are all too likely to end up producing hate cartoons at gunpoint.

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