Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho It’s Off To Shop and Screw Up I Go

D has a bad cold so I have to do all the snow clearing and grocery shopping. First one I was really thorough and even bought a winter’s worth re-supply of my favorite de-icer , Safe Step Ice Melt. (Can’t seem to open up the site right now, but Google it and check it out. Does a quick, outstanding job and really doesn’t seem to hurt lawn or plants at all. Only problem is you can’t let it sit over the summer or it oozes out all of this nasty liquid.)

Now, the grocery store is another matter: ever since I started cooking for myself and buying ingredients in 1975 I’ve done better with a sharp-eyed, sanity sidekick. Hey, Vadalia salad onions right out the box — score! D’OH, I would have sworn both of those roasted chickens were Lime Cilantros, not one Lime and one (urgh) Plain.

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