Another Shriek About Psychedelics

It isn’t quite Acid Madness, but I heard and read this sort of argument since years before I ever got close to one of those renegade blotters.

There are always the same tip-offs:

There’s not enough top-notch, inhumanly flawless research on the effects and safety of psychedelics. Never mind that classifying the drugs as eeeee-vil and useless has prevented such research from getting past square one. Besides, no matter how much the subject is studied, it will never be good enough — you know, results strong as a law of physics.

People freak out and have bad trips!!! But it’s much more rare than the tone indicates. And even then it’s usually people with underlying conditions that might have been triggered by any number of things.

Cocaine! (And Morphine!!) (And Heroin!!!) Nothing but scare-tactic bad science. Maryjuana got the same pointless treatment for ages and ages.

I’m all in favor of rigorous, well-designed research into the effects of psychedelics. But pieces like this seem designed to make sure that never happens. Sorta like that endless rash of articles in the ’80s that hollered: we can’t legalize Maryjuana because it’s 857% stronger than it was back in the ’60s. Bad trips guaranteed!!

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