Perfect Trilogy of TV Terror

(Seriously –watch these in sequence and you’ll be gibbering behind the couch more than once.)

“The Galaxy Being” — the initial episode of “The Outer Limits” TV series. So cool that it’s about a monstrous TV transmission — the special effects were beyond belief for the time. Little slow developing.

Videodrome — second generation cool master of horror turns up the rising static.

The Ring — in many ways the updated culmination of “The Galaxy Being” in that horror had made the great leaps forward rather than sci-fi. Anyway, by far the most purely frightening of these. Took me three tries to make myself watch all of all the scenes. Plus, do not miss the original Japanese movie Ringu — absolutely as good as the English remake and absolutely complimentary. Bound to inspire a few fascinating cultural-contrast discussions. (What I’ve read of the source novel reveals it’s a snoozer with the prime contribution being the central conceit of the cursed videotape.)

[Interesting that these three appeared almost exactly 20 years apart.]


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