R.I.P.: Larry Coryell

Here I was just listening to him while trying to catch up with Alphonse Mouzon. And now the guitarist is gone, too. I think the finest basic introduction is Larry Coryell & The Eleventh House, Improvisations.

But the one I really wanna whisper in your ear is Lofty Fake Anagram by the Gary Burton Quartet. There’s a high-on-inspiration and plunge-into-the-unknown thrill all through the sessions, which makes it even more of an outrage that it was hard as hell to find during RCA’s hide-the-back-catalog years. And then there’s the equal shiver-giver followup, A Genuine Tong Funeral  that features an impossible stars-in-heaven cast and groundbreaking compositions by Carla Bley (as well as her own playing). You check out these two records and you with be in a fusion with not only jazz but joy. Available on a twofer, which is what I would go for.

One thought on “R.I.P.: Larry Coryell

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